The Contingent Workforce is Here to Stay!




Do You REALLY Want to hire employees before you know them?

Contract-To-Hire The New Vetting Process We all know some horror stories about the perfect candidate who upon being hired into an organization becomes a nightmare of burden, expense, waste and practically kills what culture and employee engagement there was before the new hire came on board.  The waste of time resources and damage to current staff can be insane. The solution however is so easy, simple and free that it eludes us. Contract your workers as contingent Lone Eagle™ consultants for a specified period of time (long enough to take a good test drive).  

Contingent workers must constantly demonstrate their value and earn their place on the team or you can simply not renew the relationship. Contract employees also lack many of the legal protections that employees enjoy.  The consequence for contract workers do exactly that… WORK. You do not need to offer a cafeteria of benefits and comforts other than pay good experts for good work performed. Sound good? It is!

Conduuit™ offers free listing services to find you the best rewarded (engaged and motivated) contractors in the market. We pay them weekly at the highest pass through wages and keep all tax and payroll records promising your organization immunity from “Employer” status under the law anywhere in the USA. Quality, fully vetted resumes on your desk in only three to five days anywhere in the USA for free.

Robert M Breen, SHRM-SCP



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