Conduuit™ will prepare and file your corporate taxes. Our CPAs will provide the filing and support of your Local/State/Federal Taxes (Forms 1040 Schedule C, E, F). As a self-employed business, you are required to comply with local, state and federal tax laws. Requirements vary based on whether the entity established by you is an LLC, S- or C-Corp, 1099 or sole proprietor. We know and understand the Lone Eagle™ pain-points having to invest substantial time and resources to understand what the compliance laws are and to make sure you are in good standing with your taxes. This can be a major distraction that often spills into normal work hours and thus distracts the services you provide to your client. Conduuit™ will prepare the Form 1040 Schedules on behalf of the Lone Eagle™ and provide the L1/L2 support services for any quarterly and year end taxes for your business.

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