Financial Services

No more cashflow issues. Less stress means better QoS (Quality of Service) for your client and QoL (Quality of Life) for you! Conduuit™ will provide payment for your receivables on a weekly or semi-monthly basis. All we require is the approved timesheet for you or your billable resource. You no longer have to stress about cash flow and the status of receivables in order to pay your bills and payroll. In the past, consultants often provided services to their clients, then had to invoice, and depending on the terms of the agreement, wait for payment before they could address their expenses and payroll. Frequently, the terms could be Net 30 days or more from date the end client obtains a proper invoice. This means that they would go 30 to 60 days from time of invoice before obtaining payment for their services. This could very well be the biggest cause of stress to the self-employed and small businesses. It puts a strain on personal finances and impacts the quality of services they provide to clients. According to a survey of members from the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE), 46% of contract consultants have had to utilize personal savings or retirement savings to address cash flow issues and often have to secure personal loans and go into debt in order to provide services to their clients. Such circumstance is further compounded where Travel and Expenses are a component of the client required service and timely billing and payment are critical to pay off credit and debt. Well, stress no more with Conduuit’s financial services.

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