Created to help employers find top notch talent seamlessly

Who We Are

Conduuit’s business model was developed to address the relationship challenges faced between hiring companies and consultants. We ensure that the clients are getting the best talent for their payrate and that consultants are getting the lion’s share of compensation for services being contracted.

Conduuit’s management team has the combined entrepreneurial and managerial experience, as well as the full supplier and demand perspectives to fully comprehend the challenges encountered by all parties in this new gig economy.

As a result, a revolutionary new business model has been created that redefines the current contracting experience between client hiring organizations and our Lone Eagle™ contingent workforce looking for consulting opportunities.

What We Do

How We Serve the Lone Eagle™ and Micro-Businesses
Conduuit’s revolutionary new business model is redefining the current contracting experience, starting with the unsurpassed benefits delivered to the self-employed consultants and contractors. Conduuit™ delivers direct profitable consulting opportunities to self-employed contractors interested in working with enterprises and the federal government.
Through a robust, online platform, designed by seasoned industry experts, we serve the Lone Eagle™ and micro business.  Conduuit’s game-changing system creates a direct portal connecting our self-employed contractors and clients.
The Conduuit™ model
Largest Share of Bill Rates: Conduuit’s self – employed contractors receive the largest share of their pay rates, eliminating the need to funnel their services through faceless contracting firms.

Full Infrastructure, Back-Office Support Services: Conduuit’s leadership has first-hand knowledge of the self-employed contractor industry and anticipates your support needs to allow you to focus on the client engagement projects at hand.

Services include:
  • Project / Job Placement
  • Collaboration & Networking Forum for the Lone Eagle™ & Micro-Businesses
  • General, Professional Liability, Umbrella and Crime Certificate of Insurance
  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
  • Capital / Financial
  • Tax (Local/State/Federal)
  • Financial Planning
  • Virtual Business Address (Local & National access)
  • Website and Email development and hosting
  • Access to Marketing & Advertisement professionals
  • Legal Services (Contract review and support)
How We Serve Enterprises and Hiring Organizations
Conduuit’s revolutionary new model benefits enterprises in a way that is truly redefining the current contracting experience. The expert knowledge of Conduuit’s leadership and their access to top talents in federal, financial and telecommunication sectors, delivers enterprise CFOs, procurement managers and technology decision makers, a low risk, high return process, that is unsurpassed in the larger industry market.

Conduuit’s model:
Eliminates the costly “vendor Layer Cake” approach - Conduuit’s one-stop approach eliminates the increase in labor costs incured due to vendor Layer Cake approach that is commonly used across the industry.

Decreased Churn Rates & Increased Savings – Conduuit’s self-employed contractors receive the largest share of their pay rates along with full support services, resulting in long-term commitment and strong client relationship that goes far beyond the first engagement.

Delivery of Fully-Vetted, Top Talent – Conduuit’s one-stop, direct and efficient approach provides access to highly-qualified, self-employed contractors who are in good corporate and state/federal standing.
Human capital management 100%
Governance and risk management 100%
Project management expertise 100%
Extreme coffee drinking 60%
Connecting the Lone Eagle™ to better paying gigs 100%

Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Keyt
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, President

Ms. Keyt serves as CEO and President, where she is responsible for the success of the overall organization. She has established the managed services strategy of the organization and providing key oversight and direction to ensure optimal execution and success. Ms. Keyt was responsible for establishing the finance, human resources, legal, and administrative services of the organization. Additionally, she oversees and directs the company’s human resources operations, development and governance of corporate policies and procedures, and overall contract negotiations and processes. She brings a long track-record of expertise to her position spanning more than 20 years, focused in the federal, IT, and financial sectors. An experienced and solutions-oriented professional, Ms. Keyt is committed to excellence and diversity in the workplace, in-depth understanding of client requirements, and serving the community. The core services and solutions offered by Conduuit™ are a result of Ms. Keyt’s commitment to a business model founded on workplace diversity and excellence through a system that rewards employees and consultants who are at the forefront of the organization’s success. Ms. Keyt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Finance from American University in Washington, DC.

Babak 'Bobi' Habibi
Vice President and Founder

Mr. Habibi is a Vice President and Founder of Conduuit’s managed services. On a day-to-day basis, he serves as the “Chief Eagle” of Conduuit™, providing management and execution support for Lone Eagle and Client services. Prior to Conduuit™, he co-founded 2 other multi-million dollar IT and Management Consulting firms. A solutions-oriented leader, Mr. Habibi brings over 20 years of experience managing & delivering large strategic initiatives and SDLC solutions to the Federal Government, Financial and Telecommunications sectors. Mr. Habibi holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University. He has also served as a Part-time Associate Professor of Business Data Communications for George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Master’s Program.