Wage discrepancies affecting self-employed professionals: A true story of vendor abuse




By B. Habibi

We had a recent case where a really talented mid-level Java Developer was working on a project for a Fortune 50 company on the West Coast and looking for a change. She was desperate to leave that engagement and contacted us to see how we could help.

She loved her client, but the problem was that she was a sub-to-a-sub to the subcontractor for this Fortune 50 company. She was frustrated that she was essentially making 40-cents to every dollar the Fortune 50 company was paying for the work she was performing. Her manager at the client site was aware of this “layercaking” situation but couldn’t do much to help her.
Curious if you’ve had similar experiences or know of others who deal with layercaking practices.  Do share in our comment section below. 

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